Retaliate (HD) + Features

Retaliate (HD) + Features

Full Film in HD + Bonus Features

Special Features:
-Blooper Reel
-Raw Footage
-Visual Effects Comparison

Retaliate (HD) + Features

4 Videos

  • Retaliate (2012)

    After being betrayed and left for dead, David searches high and low for months; trying to find the man who betrayed him, John. After finding where he lives, he knocks on his door and greets him with a gun pointed to his head. After minutes of begging, even bigger secrets come to life which change...

  • Blooper Reel

    Everybody messes up now and then. Here's a video of John MacKinnon and David Horton doing just that... even the director, too.

  • Raw Footage

    Raw footage of "Retaliate" before it was edited.

  • Visual Effects Comparison

    A quick comparison of the visual effects of "Retaliate" before and after being added.